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Teaching Your Pets To Do Tricks

Hello, my name is Simone Walters. Welcome to my website about training your pets to do tricks. All animals can learn how to do tricks if you use the right approach to training. When I train my pets, I use clickers to mark the correct movements that I want to link to a command word. Then I give my pets praise and treats to reward them for a job well done. Although I prefer this training method, there are many others to consider. On this site, I will cover all the different types of ways to train your pets to do tricks. Come back soon to learn more.


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Premium Pet Services: What That Looks Like In Cat Boarding Houses

Cat boarding services include watering and feeding your cat, and maybe spending a few minutes each day petting Fluffy so that he/she does not miss you as much. Some playtime may also be scheduled, but that is the typical cat boarding house. Premium cat boarding services include a lot more.


From brushing daily, to baths, to trimming nails and/or applying colored nail caps to your cat's claws, grooming services in a cat boarding house set it apart. These are considered premium services because they are definitely not on the service menu with the basic boarding plan. If you are planning to board your cat in a premium cat boarding house, be sure to check off which of the grooming services you want for Kitty while you are gone.

Extended One-on-One Playtime

Most vets recommend that cats get at least twenty to thirty minutes of play/exercise two to three times a day. If your feline friend is a bit, um, paunchy, your vet may recommend more frequent or longer playtimes. In a premium boarding facility, you can select extended, one-on-one playtimes that will provide your kitty with more exercise and greater satisfaction as he/she will not be in a room full of other cats trying to get the same laser pointer or feather teaser. If your cat also requires extra exercise because you have a "tubby tabby," then this premium service is perfect.

Free-Roaming Time

Cats are naturally curious about new environments. Most cat boarding houses limit the amount of time that cats are out of their pens and rooms because fights can erupt. However, a premium service often offers "free-roaming time," which allows your kitty time to get out of the pen and out of the assigned room and just roam about the boarding center to explore. This may be allowed for up to three hours a day to keep your pet from getting overly bored and adopting some poor habits or unpleasant behaviors in response to your absence and/or being cooped up.

Lap Time

Some cats are just lap cats and some are not. If you have a lap cat, it is probably desperate for some lap time every day. If you want to make sure enough lap time is given to your kitty, request this additional service so that he/she can sit in the lap of a volunteer or boarding center employee regularly. This also prevents your kitty from feeling lonely and constantly crying.