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Teaching Your Pets To Do Tricks

Hello, my name is Simone Walters. Welcome to my website about training your pets to do tricks. All animals can learn how to do tricks if you use the right approach to training. When I train my pets, I use clickers to mark the correct movements that I want to link to a command word. Then I give my pets praise and treats to reward them for a job well done. Although I prefer this training method, there are many others to consider. On this site, I will cover all the different types of ways to train your pets to do tricks. Come back soon to learn more.


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3 European Dog Breeds You Should Know About

Have you decided to bring a canine companion into your household but can't come to a decision about what breed of furry friend would best suit you and your family? Instead of the usual golden retrievers, cocker spaniels, and other well-known breeds, why not choose a European breed? Following are just three of the many dog breeds originating from Europe that make excellent pets. 

Danish-Swedish Farmdog

The Danish-Swedish Farmdog is an centuries-old breed that was originally bred as a stock dog in the southern part of Sweden and the eastern part of Denmark. Its main role was not as a herder, but rather as a guardian of livestock. It also served to keep rodent populations in check and was used as a general watchdog and hunting dog. The breed began to die out as modern technology was introduced into farming operations, but enthusiasts have been working hard to bring the breed back. Danish-Swedish Farmdogs have a gentle temperament, yet they are protective of their families and their homes. They are also a good choice for homes with other pets. 

Berger Blanc Suisse

This medium-sized breed is intelligent, loyal, and friendly. They make preferred family pets due to their characteristic patience and gentleness with children. However, because they were bred as herding dogs, the Berger Blanc Suisse needs to be a part of an active family or single person who can provide it with the space and the opportunity to run on a regular basis. This breed would not be a good fit for an urban apartment or for a home where household residents are too busy with work and school obligations to spend much time with it. However, if you're looking for a good family or companion dog and have a home with a fenced yard or can otherwise meet its exercise needs, this breed is an excellent choice, and you can find these dogs at specialty companies, like Berger Blanc Suisse US

Karelian Bear Dog

One of Europe's oldest dog breeds with roots reaching back to the Neolithic Age, the Karelian Bear Dog traces its origins to the northern country of Finland. Bred primarily as a hunting dog, this large breed is intelligent, courageous, and protective. This is another breed that needs a home that offers plenty of room to run. Because the Karelian Bear Dog can be aggressive with other animals, it is probably better off in a home that has no other domestic pets. Their territorial nature makes them excellent watchdogs.