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Teaching Your Pets To Do Tricks

Hello, my name is Simone Walters. Welcome to my website about training your pets to do tricks. All animals can learn how to do tricks if you use the right approach to training. When I train my pets, I use clickers to mark the correct movements that I want to link to a command word. Then I give my pets praise and treats to reward them for a job well done. Although I prefer this training method, there are many others to consider. On this site, I will cover all the different types of ways to train your pets to do tricks. Come back soon to learn more.


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Want A New Dog? 4 Benefits Of Choosing A Yorkie

If you want to purchase a new dog for yourself and your family, you have many to choose from. There are many things you need to consider, such as how active the dog is, the size of the dog, and much more. One type you may be interested in is the Yorkshire terrier. Below are four benefits of looking for yorkie puppies for sale so you can decide if you would like to bring one home with you.

They are Small

The Yorkshire terrier is known as a toy breed and will grow up to seven pounds. This small dog will reach approximately 9 inches tall. This makes this breed very easy to bring with you anywhere you want to go. The dog is also easy to walk, and you can hold a yorkie in your lap.

If you are disabled in any way and have to watch the amount of weight you carry or would have a hard time with a large dog pulling on a leash, this dog would be perfect. If you have small children, you will not have to worry about the dog jumping up on them and knocking them down as would happen with a large dog.

Can Live Anywhere

With a small dog you do not have to worry about having a large yard. Even if you live in a duplex or an apartment there will be enough space for your Yorkie. This means if you decide to move you will not have to take your dog into consideration.

Great for Allergies

Yorkshire terriers shed very little because they do not have an undercoat. Because of this if anyone in your family has allergies this would be a great dog for you. This person will not breathe in dander in the air, as well as hair and dander that would on your furniture.

Saves You Time and Money

If you are the type of person that does not have a lot of time to give a dog plenty of exercise a Yorkie does not require a lot. Simply running around your home playing a game will be enough to give them the physical exercise they need.

A Yorkie does not eat as much as a larger dog, so you do not have to purchase as much dog food. This can save you a lot of money as dog food can get very expensive.

One thing you will get from a Yorkshire terrier is a lot of love and devotion to you and your family.