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Teaching Your Pets To Do Tricks

Hello, my name is Simone Walters. Welcome to my website about training your pets to do tricks. All animals can learn how to do tricks if you use the right approach to training. When I train my pets, I use clickers to mark the correct movements that I want to link to a command word. Then I give my pets praise and treats to reward them for a job well done. Although I prefer this training method, there are many others to consider. On this site, I will cover all the different types of ways to train your pets to do tricks. Come back soon to learn more.


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Getting Your Dog Ready For Their First Doggie Daycare Experience

If you have a dog and you believe they are bored at home when you are at work or away from your household for any other reason, you may have considered enrolling them in doggie daycare during this time.

Here are some steps to take to prepare your dog for the sessions ahead of them. 

Bring Your Dog To The Facility Before Leaving Them

It is a wise choice to take a look at a few doggie daycares in your area before you commit to the one you will be bringing your pet to. This way you will have a chance to observe the practices used to make sure it is a good fit for your dog. You will also have the opportunity to meet the staff members who will be looking after your dog while it is visiting their establishment. Bringing your dog to the facilities with you during these tours will allow them to become familiarized with the settings, so when you choose one they will not feel as anxious about you leaving them there.

Spend Time With Other Dogs Before Sessions Begin

If possible, meet up with friends, neighbors, or family members with dogs themselves so your dog can spend time with other animals while under your watchful eye. This is a great way to have your dog become used to socializing with others so they will be more apt to do so when they are under the care of a doggie daycare facility. Try to stop any bad behavior with other dogs during this time so your dog is less likely to cause problems with other animals while you are not there to reprimand them. Let the doggie daycare staff members know of any potential difficulties to watch out for from your observances.

Prepare Items To Bring To The Sessions

Most doggie daycare facilities allow you to bring personal items for your dog if you feel they will need them in your absence. This includes special toys, blankets, food, or medication that your dog desires or requires. Make sure to have written instructions for the doggie daycare staff members regarding the portion size of food or dosage of medication so they can follow them to your exact specifications. Place the items in a personalized and unique-looking bag with your name and your dog's name upon it so it does not become mixed up with other dogs' belongings. 

Reach out to a doggie daycare near you to learn more.